In Bug-A-Ball you face the dangers of a bugged game world directly on your mobile phone!

Compete against other players worldwide, unlock exclusive skins and race to the finish line before you're swallowed by the slime.

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Slime is rolling in front of hammer
Player is rolling through casual game level
About the game

Do you control the bugs or will they control you?

Roll through different worlds and levels and collect all diamonds and coins. Customise your ball and unlock exclusive skins. But... watch out! Dangerous bugs are in your way!

Easy to learn. Hard to master.

Online highscore

Compete against other players!

Achieve personal highscores in every level and climb the
online highscore!

Will you be the best Bugger or will you be swallowed by the slime?

Player rolling above trap
Player jumping on runway

How long can you survive?

Survive in our all-new survival mode and compete with players worldwide on the global leaderboard.

Various worlds

Roll and bug through various worlds each with their own bugs and traps.

Skins and rewards

Unlock fantastic skins and roll through any level with your personalised ball. Do you want to be the a slime, a nice bee or a cheeky cat?

Exciting traps and bugs

Each level tries to be as difficult as it can be and contains a lot of different traps and bugs. Will you rule them all?